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By joining Secure Global Clinics network, your clinic / hospital attests that it abides by the following terms and conditions that address its Identity, Reputability and Accountability.

1 - Identity

  • The clinic/hospital belongs to a religiously-based or international network including the UN, WHO, CDC and others.
  • The clinic/hospital is identified as welcoming of all patients regardless of social classes, genders and origins with a high degree of care for indigents or unsupported patients.
  • The clinic/hospital has a tradition of taking care of people with low or without means of paying for basic medical attention, such as doctor visits.
  • The clinic/hospital can identify and provide a list of up to10 needed patients per year and has room for other sponsored patients.
  • The clinic/hospital agrees that SGC will display on its website the clinic’s permissible identity including pictures of official leaders and services the clinic offers, and any specifics both SGC and the clinic deem relevant.

2 - Reputability

  • Recommendations from the network organizations (international or religious-faith) maintain that the clinic/hospital is reliable, sustainable and dependable.
  • The clinic/hospital is renowned for the quality of its medical personnel, including doctors, specialists in various fields of medicine, and nurses. The clinic/hospital provides to Secure Global Clinics both its recommendation references and a list of its major medical personnel.
  • The clinic/hospital is equipped with enough medical materials for basic diagnosis of most common diseases in the region, including X-Ray machines, EGG, EKG, Ultrasound, Digital microscopes, Spectrophotometer, etc. The clinic has provided this information to Secure Global Clinic in its application to join the network of Secure Global Clinics.

3 - Accountability

  • The clinic/hospital agrees to submit to Secure Global Clinics a quarterly report of the overall caregiving of sponsored patients, including an accountability of finance inputs and outputs.
  • The clinic/hospital is accessible through internet connection including email, and other social media outlets as well as maintains a constant line of communication with Secure Global Clinics and the sponsor via email, telephone and other means.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest and potential flaws, the partner-clinic/hospital should not include among its unsupported patients people that might be related by blood or law to the treating medical staff, including doctors and nurses.
  • Once a patient has been referred to the clinic and the terms of their referral submitted to the clinic, the clinic abides by all the terms of the referral as specified in the statement of sponsorship. The clinic accepts to attend to the sponsored patient within the 24 hours of receiving the referral.
  • During its partnership with SGC, the clinic will treat sponsored patients after receiving the confirmation of sponsorship from SGC as opposed to conditioning the patient’s treatment to the receipt of the sponsorship money.
  • The clinic/hospital agrees to accept half of the sponsorship money about a week from the time the sponsored-patient has been referred to them and begun the treatment. SGC will forward to the clinic the balance of sponsorship-money minus service fees at the end of each quarter upon submission of invoices.
  • The clinic/ hospital accepts to give a preferential health treatment to any sponsored patient and to report to SGC and to the sponsor – via email – whether that care has been given to the patient.
  • The clinic reports to SGC and to the sponsor in the event the sponsored patient does not show for the treatment within a week, releasing the clinic from any form of responsibility in case of accident or death of the patient.
  • The patient or their guarantor reserves the right to report to SGC about the reception, the care and treatment they receive from the clinic / hospital. SGC will notify a partner-clinic in event of unacceptable evaluations by a sponsored patient. SGC vows to maintain a high standard of ethics for our partner-clinics. Three bad evaluations will put a concerned clinics at risk of probation or removal from SGC platform.
  • The clinic agrees not to hold SGC legally or socially accountable when the clinic has been ousted from the platform due to bad evaluations or a decision of the board of SGC.
  • The clinic agrees that the main purpose of SGC is to facilitate the healthcare and health treatment of sponsored unsupported human beings and to assure that the clinic receives the sponsorship in a timeline manner. As such, the clinic agrees that the clinic (and not SGC) complies with the laws of their respective countries. The clinic agrees not to hold SGC (or any of its agents or personnel, or people working on behalf of SGC) liable for any errors, or misfortunate issue that may warrant legal pursuits at the local or international levels.