About Secure Global Clinics

We are a network of clinics that enable our users to help loved ones to pay for health care that they themselves cannot afford. This is done through the use of PayPal. Payments are sent directly to the clinic for services rendered.

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Who we are?

Secure Global Clinics (SGC) is a non-profit network organization that connects underprivileged patient populations with clinics around the world to help them access the health care they need and improve their quality of life.

Our vision

Our vision is that all individuals, regardless of their economic means, will have convenient and timely access to basic health care resources, including preventative care, treatment, and education.

Our mission

It is our mission, as well as our duty and purpose, to support access to health care for poor and underprivileged patient populations, especially in countries and communities with high poverty rates.

In addition, it is our mission to support education and increase awareness for both patients and medical professionals serving such populations.

Founder & board director

Dr. Jean-Pierre Bongila

Professor Jean-Pierre Bongila, Ed.D, is the founder and president of Secure Global Clinics. He serves as a tenured member of the core doctoral faculty with expertise in global and ethical leadership.
Believer in change leadership by engaging theory and entrepreneurship, Dr. Bongila and the board of directors use Secure Global Clinics to leverage cross-cultural understanding between the Global South and the Global North, and extend a charitable hand to the least fortunate of our sisters and brothers.
A champion of building cultural bridges, Dr. Bongila has led a yearly graduate course “Leadership in the International Contexts” of South African (2009-11), Tanzania (2011-2014), Cuba (2015) and Brazil (2016).
The process of exposing folks to global realities and seeking practical responses through theories and entrepreneurship, Dr. Bongila calls the process of exposing folks to global realities and seeking practical responses through theories and entrepreneurship “Global positioning Leadership”.

Meet Our Team

We exist for non-profits, social enterprises, community groups, activists, and individual citizens who want to help others by donating.


Dr. Jean-Pierre K. Bongila

Founder & board director

Ms. Minette Tchokomeni

Board member

Mr. Gustave Mutombo

Director and board member

Dr. Huoda Elgahwagi

Director and board member

SGC Financial resources

Secure Global Clinics expects its primary source of revenue to be public contributions, including donations from the general public, grants (private or government), and sponsorships from partner organizations.

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